Best Short Oral Presentation at Skin Ageing & Challenges 2023

Dr. Andrey Koptyug from Mid Sweden University, Sweden, was discerned the Skin Ageing & Challenges 2023 Best Short Oral Presentation Award for hist talk: “Skin Aging Criteria and Search for Anti-Aging Interventions”.

Prof. Koptyug’s research introduced a simplified criterion for identifying skin ageing onset, revolutionizing personalized treatment decisions and showcasing promising prospects for tissue regeneration and skin rejuvenation through innovative cell culture experiments.

About Prof. Koptyug:

Andrey Koptyug is a PhD in Chemical physics with University education in physics and measurement technology. In his current capacity as Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering, Mathematics and Science Education, he is working with a wide variety of subjects including material science, additive manufacturing, biomedical physics and different aspects of modeling.

For last twelve years, he is using his expertise in biophysics and modeling in the applications within cell biology and immunology. Together with his colleagues, he is developing approach for quantifying aging in cell populations and the ways of screening for natural substances with rejuvenating potential.

His talk at Skin Aging Challenges Conference in Lisbon was presenting basic modeling concepts and results of the first tests of the naturally derived substances with anti-aging and rejuvenation potential.

Dr. Koptyug’s nearest plans are related to publishing details of the studies related to the properties of certain promising substances derived from the cultures of non-pathologically proliferating cells.

His achievement underscores the conference’s commitment to groundbreaking research in skin science.

On behalf of the Skin Challenges scientific committee we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Koptyug.

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