Prof. Vladimir Botchkarev Receives 2023 Skin Ageing & Challenges Award for Outstanding Research

Prof. Vladimir A. Botchkarev of Boston University School of Medicine, USA, has been honored with the prestigious Skin Ageing & Challenges Best Scientific Award 2023, recognizing his exceptional contributions to scientific research.

In his work titled “Skin Aging in Long-Lived Naked Mole-Rats: Mechanisms and Perspectives,” Prof. Botchkarev explored the complex aging process of Naked Mole Rats’ skin. His detailed study of their skin aging transcriptome sheds light on how these creatures remarkably resist age-related skin cancer, offering vital insights for human skin biology.

Currently a Professor of Dermatology and Co-Director at the Boston University Center for Aging Research, Prof. Botchkarev focuses on epigenetic factors influencing skin stem cell activity, aging, wound healing, and carcinogenesis. His prolific career includes over 100 publications in journals such as Nature, Cell Biology, Science Advances, and Cancer Research. Supported by NIH grants, his work is instrumental in understanding skin aging and using Naked Mole Rats as a model for studying human skin disease resistance.

This award reflects Prof. Botchkarev’s dedication to advancing our knowledge in skin biology and aging, highlighting his significant impact in the field.

Prof. Marvin Edeas highlighted that the award celebrates both the scientific achievements and the personal virtues of Prof. Botchkarev, we honor and recognizes not just his exceptional scientific contributions but also his commendable character and humanity.

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