The Relationship between the Microbiome and Aging

News Release, Skin Aging & Challenges – February 22, 2022

The human skin microbiome, a complex ecosystem made up of bacteria, archaea, fungus, and viruses, is influenced by and influences the host’s skin.

Hye-Jin Kim examined differences in the skin microbiome of two separate age groups to find key microbial and skin physiological indicators associated with aging. We recruited healthy Korean women 19–28 years old (Y-group) and 60–63 years old (O-group) and evaluated their cheek and forehead skin microbiome, including bacteria and fungi. The microbiome was significantly different by age group, with bacterial and fungal communities displaying higher alpha-diversity in the O-group than in the Y-group.

The Authors identified amplicon sequence variants affiliated with Cutibacterium and Lactobacillus and fungi Malassezia restricta as microbial biomarkers showing significant differences between the Y and O-group. There are more microbial communities and metabolic processes related to skin health in the Y-group than in the O-group, and there are more microbial interactions to increase the stability of the network structure of the skin.

Skin physical metadata, including transepidermal water loss and sebum content, differed by two age groups. The crucial skin microbes, skin physical parameters, and microbial network found through this research will be useful key indicators in associating skin aging and skin microbiome research.

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