High-Frequency Ultrasound in Anti-Aging Skin Therapy Monitoring


Left: facial model with superimposed image acquisition areas.
Right: exemplary HFUS skin areas with segmented ROI for parameters estimation.

A recent research by Joanna Czajkowska and her team at the Silesian University of Technology, showcased the transformative potential of high-frequency ultrasound (HFUS) in anti-aging skin therapy assessment.

The study, a first in its field, delves into the application of HFUS for evaluating the efficacy of anti-aging products. A fully automated algorithm was developed, allowing for precise image selection, echo layer segmentation, and estimation of dermal parameters.

In the randomized controlled clinical trial involving forty-six postmenopausal women, the research team observed significant improvements in skin conditions after the application of a TCA-based therapy over a three-month period .

Results showed  increased epidermal thickness, indicative of a slowdown in the thinning process and overall skin improvement.

Notably, a compelling growth in the intensity of the upper dermis in the experimental group was observed, hinting at a potential reduction in photo-aging effects and increased water content. The findings were further supported by the analysis of pixel intensity distribution in the upper dermis, suggesting a substantial boost in local protein synthesis.

This research advances the understanding of anti-aging skin therapy, and introduces a reliable tool for assessing TCA-peel therapy and potentially addressing various skin-condition-related issues.

Read full paper on Scientific Reports.

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