Aging Skin and Wound Healing

Recent research, led by Nicole Burkemper from SSM Saint Louis University Hospital, USA, and published in Clinics in Geriatric Medicine (Elsevier),  challenges previous notions about wound healing in the elderly, suggesting that it’s not inherently defective but rather delayed.

Human skin, responsible for essential life functions, undergoes significant changes with aging and photodamage. While chronic wounds are more prevalent in older populations, their poor healing is often attributed to comorbid conditions rather than age alone. This reevaluation of wound healing in the elderly underscores the complexity of skin health and calls for a nuanced understanding that goes beyond simplistic age-related assumptions.

This study emphasizes the importance of recognizing the multifactorial nature of wound healing in aging populations. It provides critical insights into the research findings and their implications for clinical practice and future studies in geriatric dermatology.

Image Credits: By Freepik
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