Markus Schosserer

Medical University of Vienna, Austria

Dr. Markus Schosserer, Medical University of Vienna, Austria will join the Skin Ageing & Challenges 2024 Conference.

Dr. Schosserer will present his latest research on the epitranscriptome and small nucleolar RNAs in cellular senescence and skin aging.

Presentation Highlights

    • Senescent cells accumulate in the aged skin and promote age-related dysfunction.
    • Direct RNA Nanopore sequencing can be used to map rRNA modifications in a cost- and time-effective manner.
    • Specific ribosomal RNA modifications change in skin fibroblast, keratinocyte, and melanocyte senescence.
    • Global rRNA modification patterns can distinguish senescent from quiescent and proliferating cells.
    • Few sites show consistent changes in all tested senescence models.
    • The expression of snoRNAs guiding variable modification sites can be visualized in young vs. old skin sections by BASEscope in-situ hybridization, showing a correlation with their expression in senescent cells.
    • Modulating the levels of these snoRNAs by CRISPR/Cas9 or antisense oligonucleotides can influence cell physiology and proliferation.