Investigating the Link Between Skin Microbiome and Biophysical Aging

In their paper, published in Experimental Dermatology (Wiley), Julia Oh and her team from The Jackson Laboratory in Farmington, Connecticut, USA, have delved into the intricate relationship between skin microbiome and biophysical aging. Their study focused on understanding how changes in skin’s biophysical conditions and alterations in its microbiome interact.

By employing advanced techniques like shotgun metagenomics, the team dissected both aspects to uncover their connection in aging skin. Through meticulous analysis of a well-controlled dataset, they discovered intriguing associations between skin biophysical traits—particularly the collagen diffusion coefficient—and the composition and functional potential of the skin microbiome.

Their findings highlight significant correlations between specific biophysical features and aging-related shifts in the skin microbiome, shedding light on potential mechanisms underlying these associations.

This research opens doors to further exploration and the development of testable hypotheses in understanding the complex dynamics of skin aging.

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Photo Credits: by Freepik

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