Flavonoids: Skin Senescence Prevention & Treatment

News release, Skin Ageing & Challenges – 21 June 2022

Skin aging is associated with the accumulation of senescent cells and is related to many pathological changes, including decreased protection against pathogens, increased susceptibility to irritation, delayed wound healing, and increased cancer susceptibility.

Senescent cells secrete a specific set of pro-inflammatory mediators, referred to as a senescence-associated secretory phenotype (SASP), which can cause profound changes in tissue structure and function. Thus, drugs that selectively eliminate senescent cells (senolytics) or neutralize SASP (senostatics) represent an attractive therapeutic strategy for age-associated skin deterioration.

Flavonoids, can slow down or even prevent aging-associated deterioration of skin appearance and function by targeting cellular pathways crucial for regulating cellular senescence and SASP.

This insightful review by Domaszewska-Szostek et. al summarizes the senostatic and senolytic potential of flavonoids in the context of preventing skin aging.

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