Aims & Topics

Aims of Skin Challenges 2017

Among the hot topics which will be discussed in Porto: skin ageing mechanisms, mitochondria, Nrf2 modulation, gut and skin microbiota inter-talk, smell and olfactory receptors, exposomes and others…

 Aims of Skin Challenges 2017 are to:

  • Draft the state of the art in skin ageing
  • Present the different mechanisms involved in homeostasis and skin aging but also to address the different tracks and pathways (signaling, transcription factors…) involved in this process
  • Highlight the recent innovations in skin ageing and photo ageing
  • Presenting the new notion of exposome and skin aging
    • What are the internal and external factors that we can qualify as exposome?
    • What is the response of the body and the skin barrier to these internal and external factors?
    • What is the current state of knowledge about the interaction of distinct exposomal factors with each other and what is the resulting effect on skin aging?
    • How to determine the influence of these exposomes on skin aging?
    • Which kind of protective measures should be considered to limit cutaneous aging?
  • What is the strategic role of skin olfactory receptors and smell?
    • How to explain the regeneration and cicatrisation by olfacory receptors activation?
    • What is the impact of smell on skin ageing?
  • Discuss the role of microbiota and skin microbiota
    • What is the role of gut microbiota and skin microbiota on skin ageing?
    • What is the importance of quality and diversity of microbiota on skin barrier?
    • What are the factors (pre/probiotics, bacteria…) able to influence the skin microbiota ?

Among Tracks for Skin Challenges International Conference:

Track 1: The basic research & mechanistics
1.1: Signaling pathways
1.2: Transcription factors
1.3: Nrf2 / Nf-kB
1.4: Mitochondria
1.5: Bioenergetics

Track 2: Skin Ageing & Exposome
2.1: Skin Ageing & UV
2.2: Skin Ageing & Pollution
2.3: Skin Ageing & Contaminants
2.4: Skin Ageing & Infections
2.5: Skin Ageing & Oxidative Stress

Track 3: Skin Ageing & Lifestyle
3.1: Skin Ageing & Diet
3.2: Skin Ageing & Physical Activity
3.3: Skin Ageing, Tobacco & Alcohol
3.4: Sking Ageing & Stress

Track 4: Skin Ageing & Microbiota
4.1: Brain-Skin Axis
4.2: Gut-Skin Axis
4.3: Skin Barrier
4.4: Metabolites
4.4: Pre / Probiotics
4.5: Skin microbiota analysis 

Track 5: Skin, Smell & Aroma
5.1: Olfactory receptors & Skin
5.2: Olfactory receptors & Microbiota
5.3: Olfactory receptors & Wound-healing

Track 6: Ageing & Innovations
6.1: Solar Products
6.2: Topic and Oral Supplements
6.3: Devices
6.4: Antioxidants
6.5: Others

Track 7: Clinical Trials
7.1: Clinical trials with metabolites
7.2: Clinical trials with probiotics
7.3: Others

Track 8: Others

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