Messenger RNA processing and cellular senescence in ageing skin fibroblasts

During Porto Skin Ageing & Challenges Conference 2018, Prof. Lorna Harries from the University of Exter, United Kingdom will give a presentation about “Messenger RNA processing and cellular senescence in ageing skin fibroblasts”.

According to Prof. Harries: Human ageing is characterised by progressive changes in the expression of proteins regulating alternative splicing. Correct regulation of splicing processes is critical for cellular plasticity and adaptability. Alternative splicing occurs for the vast majority of genes in the human genome and allows the production of alternatively-expressed transcripts in a co-ordinated and regulated fashion. We have has recently determined that transcripts involved in these processes are amongst the most deregulated mRNAs during human aging in peripheral blood from population studies, and also in human primary dermal fibroblasts that have undergone replicative senescence in vitro. […]

For more information, please check the conference program.