Skin microbiota & epithelial barrier: recent advances and perspectives

Katharina Bitschar from university of Tübingen, Germany  will give a strategic presentation about “Skin microbiota & epithelial barrier: recent advances and perspectives”  during Skin Ageing & Challenges congress 2018.

According to her:

Skin is a unique ecologic niche that allows a diverse set of commensal microorganisms to colonize while at the same time it efficiently prevents pathogenic microorganisms from persisting. The complex composition of the microbiota is highly variable and determined by the ecologic features of each specific body site, host genetics as well as environmental factors. In this talk she will explain what factors can influence the composition of the microbiota and how a change in the skin microbiome affects the host and will further highlight the beneficial effects of the microbiota on the epithelial barrier and how commensals support the skin in immune defense against invading pathogens.
Finally she will illustrate how the microbiota could be exploited for innovative therapeutic strategies for the future treatment of inflammatory skin disorders.

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