High environmental ozone levels and extrinsic skin aging

Prof. Kateryna Fuks  from Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine, Germany will participate in  9th International conference on  Skin Challenges 2018 which will be held in February 26 – 27,  2018 at Porto, Portugal. Prof. Fuks will give a presentation about “Air pollution and skin aging: Role of different pollutants and inter-organ crosstalk”.

Summary of Talk: Recent epidemiologic studies have shown that ambient air pollution can aggravate signs of extrinsic skin aging, such as pigment spots or coarse wrinkles. Two major mechanisms have been suggested to explain this phenomenon. First, the “outside-inside” pathway, implies interactions of skin cells with pollutants, such as fine or ultrafine particles and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). This could adversely affect skin state and trigger accelerated aging of skin structures. Second, the “inside-outside” mechanism, in which the reaction cascade, following air pollution exposure (such as systemic inflammation and oxidative stress), could be involved. Inflammatory mediators and free radicals, produced in these processes, could trigger or aggravate aging of the organism, including the skin. Using available population-based cohorts in Germany and China, the role of different pollutants in skin aging will be reviewed, and the evidence on mechanistic pathways will be discussed.

For more information, please check the conference program.