Jean-François Doré

Prof. Jean-François Doré from INSERM, Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie de Lyon, France will come and present his research titled “Skin ageing and ultraviolet radiation. Is there a role for the skin microbiome?” during 9th International conference on Skin Challenges 2018 which will be held in February 26 – 27,  2018 at Porto, Portugal.

According to him: “Repeated exposures to ultraviolet radiation give rise to changes in the skin (e.g. degenerative changes in elastin and collagen) that are characteristic of premature aging (e.g., wrinkling, solar elastosis, and irregularities in pigmentation).  Human skin also hosts innumerable commensal organisms: the skin microbiome, of which the composition varies according to age. Ultraviolet radiation induces a local immunosuppression, but may also trigger the production and release of antimicrobial peptides, so that there are complex interactions between skin cells, the immune system and skin microbiome, whose role in skin aging is far from being fully understood.”