Characterization of the age-associated dermal stem cell dysfunction

Dr. Ander Izeta from Instituto Biodonostia, Spain, will give a strategic presentation about the  “Characterization of the age-associated dermal stem cell dysfunction”during  Porto Skin Ageing & Challenges Congress 2019 which will be held in Porto, on February 25-27, 2019.

Short summary of talk: “Our understanding of the cellular aspects underlying the skin response to external insults such as wounding and intrinsic and extrinsic aging has recently boomed. One common new theme that has emerged is the role of cell plasticity and tissue level coordination in responses to damage at the local environment. This talk will explore the recent single cell RNA sequencing studies that highlight previously unappreciated dermal cell heterogeneity, lineage tracing studies in the mouse that illuminate the role of dermal cell subsets in skin remodeling and how dermal dysfunction associated to age correlates with altered properties of the stem cell component of the dermis.”
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