The cutaneous ecosystem: Insights into the skin microbiome and cosmetics

Dr. Riccardo Sfriso from DSM Nutritional Products Ltd,  Switzerland will join the Skin Challenges 2020 Congress and will present a talk entitled “The Cutaneous Ecosystem: Insights into the skin microbiome and cosmetics“.

Summary of the Talk: The skin and its microbiome represent respectively the abiotic and biotic components of the cutaneous ecosystem. The ability of each ecosystem to counteract external stressors reside in its capacity to re-establish the balance. When it comes to the microbiome, each individual has a unique and exclusive homeostatic equilibrium, shaped by many factors throughout life collectively defined as exposome. During this presentation, we will discuss more insights about the cutaneous ecosystem and how cosmetic ingredients influence the skin microbiome.

Skin Ageing & Challenges  2020
November 5-6, 2020