Olfactory Receptors, Microbiota & Wound Healing

Marvin Edeas

Prof. Marvin Edeas, Institut Cochin, INSERM, Université de Paris, France, will join us in Lisbon to present his latest  studies on “Olfactory Receptors, Microbiota & Wound Healing”.

The  Olfactory Receptors and  Gut Microbiota are one of the most intriguing phenomena. How does gut microbiota communicate with the brain, skin, kidney, liver…? How do they activate OR? What kind of agonist? How do the Olfactory Receptors affect microbiota, leading to accelerated wound healing? Prof. Marvin Edeas will reply to all these questions by showing the strategic role of Olfactory Receptors on microbiota and wound healing.

What Prof. Edeas will highlight during Skin Ageing & Challenges 2022:

He will show that without antibiotic treatment (normal microbiota), a low level of sandalwood does not influence wound healing and OR expression. However, antibiotic treatment, which induces microbiota dysbiosis, affects wound healing and increases gut-OR expression. He will also demonstrate that sandalwood activates immunity cells (B and NK cells), which may improve wound healing.

Further research is needed to better understand the role of microbiota in the expression of olfactory receptors and wound healing. Targeting microbiota as a therapeutic measure could be a new way to cure skin problems.

Skin Ageing & Challenges  2022
November 17-18, 2022 – Lisbon, Portugal