Pollution and Skin: Advances and Perspectives

We are delighted to present to you our newest speaker, Dr. Laurent Marrot, from L’OREAL, France. Dr. Marrot will deliver to us his newest data about “Pollution and Skin: Advances and Perspectives” during his presentation.

In his recent studies, Dr. Marrot affirms that it is now well established that exposure to atmospheric pollution induces dermatological impairments such as accelerated aging or aggravation of atopy.

Furthermore, skin surface is the target of several insults from pro-oxidant gases or from particulate matter which carry toxic Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) and metals. Moreover, ultrafine particles (less than 100 nm in size) can translocate from lung alveoli into capillaries and then are provided to all organs from inside by bloodstream.

As a matter of fact, PAHs and some metabolites have been detected in plasma, urine and inside hair follicle shaft of people submitted to pollution or to cigarette smoke. Furthermore, some PAHs are phototoxic by producing reactive oxygen species under solar UV: sunlight might thus enhance their cutaneous toxicity. During his talk, data obtained in various in vitro skin models (2D and 3D) will be presented in order characterize the deleterious impact of PAH-induced stress under UVA, in realistic acute or chronic exposure conditions. In a nutshell, their use in defining skin protection strategies for people living in adverse urban conditions will be discussed.


Skin Ageing & Challenges 2021
November 10-12, 2021 – Interactive Online Congress