Commensals, CXCL10-bacterial DNA complexes and pDC in skin wound repair

The Scientific Committee of Skin Aging & Challenges is honored to welcome Dr. Bernhard Ryffel from Artimmune, CNRSF-45071 Orleans, France, who will give a talk entitled “Commensals, CXCL10-bacterial DNA complexes and pDC in skin wound repair

Summary of the Talk: Skin wounds heal by coordinated induction of inflammation and tissue repair. We found that commensal skin microbiota is required for the recruitment and activation of type I interferon (IFN)-producing plasmacytoid DC (pDC). Commensal bacteria colonizing skin wounds trigger activation of neutrophils expressing the chemokine CXCL10/IP10. CXL10 acts as an antimicrobial protein to kill exposed microbiota, leading to the formation of CXCL10-bacterial DNA complexes. These complexes activate pDC to produce type I IFNs triggering skin inflammation and innate repair responses, mediated by macrophages and fibroblasts that produce major growth factors required for wound healing. Thus, commensal microbiota and CXCL10-bacterial DNA complexes drive a central innate wound healing. A potential role of host DNA is under investigation

Skin Ageing & Challenges 2020
November 5-6, 2020